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As you kill opponents you gain Experience Points (XP). The higher the level of the person you kill the more XP you get. Once you have accumulated enough for a level up you will be able to choose a hero. The starting point is level 0 and you cannot select any heroes on this level.


  1. Say commands
  2. How to use powers?
  3. List of superpowers
  4. Links

Say commands

Press [ I ] or say /shmenu to open the main menu. Most of things above are available from the main menu, so there is no need to remember any of those say commands.

say /helpThis help page
say /showmenuDisplays Select Super Power menu
say /herolistLets you see a list of heroes and powers (you can also use "herolist" in the console)
say /myheroesDisplays your heroes
say /clearpowersClears ALL powers
say /drop <hero>Drop one power so you can pick another
say /whohas <hero>Shows you who has a particular hero
say /playerskills [@ALL|@CT|@T|name]Shows you what heroes other players have chosen
say /playerlevels [@ALL|@CT|@T|name]Shows you what levels other players are
say /automenuEnable/Disable auto-show of Select Super Power menu
say /helponEnable HUD Help message (enabled by default)
say /helpoffDisable HUD Help message

How to use powers?

Passive powers are used automatically. To use active powers you have to bind a key to +power#. In order to bind a key, you must open your console and use the bind command: bind "key" "command". In this case, the command is "+power#". Here are some examples:

You can have only up to 3 active powers. You can have 10 superpowers in total (you get one slot each level).

List of superpowers

Punisher - Bullets are added to your current mag!

Passive power: You get more bullets into your current mag!

Wolverine - Auto-Heal

Passive power: HP Regeneration.

Health regenerated per second: 3 HP

Orc - Equipment Reincarnation

Passive power: You will get all of your equipment in your next life.

Captain America - Super Shield

Passive power: Random Invincibility.

Chance per second: 10%

Duration: 0.5 seconds

Domino - Even the Odds

Passive power: Do more Gun Damage to Higher Levels, the larger the difference the more damage.

Max damage multiplier: 1.5

Damage multiplier = (Victim level - Attacker level) / Victim level

Daredevil - Radar Sense

Passive power: ESP Rings show you when other players are approaching.

Dracula - Vampiric Drain

Passive power: Gain HP by attacking players.

Life steal: 15%

Hobgoblin - Hobgoblin Grenades

Passive power: Extra Nade Damage/Refill Nade.

Damage multiplier: 1.75

HE grenades delivery: every 7 seconds

Mario - Mulitple Jumps

Passive power: You can now jump in the air for a certain amount of times!

Additional jumps: 2000

Human Torch - Flame Blast

Active power: Ignite your enemies on fire with a Flame Blast.

Cost: 3 AP

How many blasts to burn one victim: 3

Damage: 40

Iron Man - Rocket Pack

Active power: Rocket Jetpack - use +power key to take off.

Cost per second: 1 AP

Armor: 150 AP

Armor regenerated per second while not using: 1 AP

Shadowcat - Walk Through Walls

Active power: Can Walk Through Walls for Short Time - GET STUCK AND YOU'LL BE AUTO-SLAIN!

Noclip time: 6 seconds

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Spider-Man - Web Swing

Active power: Shoot Web to Swing - Jump Reels In, Duck Reels Out.

Mystique - Morph into Enemy

Active power: Press the +power key to shapeshift into the Enemy.

Freeman - Long Jump Module

Passive power: Get Crowbar and Long Jump Module.

Black Panther - Silent Boots

Passive power: Your boots have Vibranium soles that absorb sound.

Superman - Reduced Gravity

Passive power: You can jump higher.

Gravity: 65%

The Tick - No Fall Damage

Passive power: SPOOOON! Take no damage from falling.

Invisible Man - Invisibility

Passive power: Makes you less visible and harder to see. Only works while not running, not shooting and not zooming.

Invisibility: 68%

Psylocke - Psychic Detection

Passive power: Recieve a telepathic warning when an enemy is near.

Required level: 3

Distance: 50 meters

Xavier - Team Detection

Passive power: Detect what team a player is on by a glowing trail.

Required level: 3

Snake - Health Rations

Active power: Health Rations on +power key use.

Required level: 3

Heal: 35 HP

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Demolition Man - Tripmines

Active power: Unlimited Tripmines - Limited ammount that can be planted at once.

Required level: 3

Max damage: 150

Max ammount of mines at once: 4

Mine health: 200 HP

Explosion - Explosion

Passive power: Blows up when killed!

Required level: 3

Damage: 35

Mirage - Delusion

Passive power: Turn invisible for a short time when someone aims at you.

Required level: 3

Cooldown: 6 seconds

Active power: Teleport to where you are currently aiming at.

Required level: 4

Cooldown: 18 seconds

Cho'Gath - Feast

Passive power: Get Extra HP by killing enemies with a knife.

Required level: 4

Bonus health per stack: 10 HP

Max bonus health: 50 HP

You'll loose your extra health on map change.

Catwoman - Sneak Into Enemies Base

Passive power: Chance Of Sneaking Into Enemies Base.

Required level: 4

Chance per round: 17%

Alien - Alien Vision

Passive power: Get Alien Vision and Invisibility - You can use only knife.

Required level: 5

Invisibility: 85%

Bass - Uber Energy Beam

Active power: Press the +power key to fire your beam cannon.

Required level: 5

Laser ammo: 5

Damage: 36 − 100

Thing - Rock Skin

Passive power: Chance to ignore bullets and knife hits.

Required level: 5

Chance to ignore a bullet: 12%

Chance to ignore a knife hit: 10%

Electro - Chain Lightning

Active power: Powerful Lightning Attack that can hurt Multiple Enemies.

Required level: 6

Cooldown: 35 seconds

Max damage toward each enemy: 30

Jubilee - Pink Shades

Active power: Use Shades for protection from bright flashes.

Required level: 6

Shades wearing time: 3 seconds

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Flashbangs delivery: each 10 seconds

Scorpion - Get Over Here!

Active power: Hold +power key to Harpoon and Drag opponents to you.

Required level: 7

Damage: 15

Required time for victim to escape: 6 seconds

Bomberman - Toy Bombs

Active power: Press +power button to plant a toy bomb.

Required level: 7

Phoenix - Re-Birth

Passive power: As the Phoenix you shall Rise Again from your Burning Ashes.

Required level: 8

Max explosion damage: 30

Cooldown: 600 seconds

Poison Ivy - Infect Poison

Passive power: Infect the enemy with your Poisoned Bullets or Poisoned Knife.

Required level: 8

Damage per second: 2

Grandmaster - Revive Dead

Passive power: Utilize cosmic life force to Revive one Dead Teammate.

Required level: 8

Cooldown: 45 seconds

Bishop - Absorb Energy

Active power: Absorb Damage and use it with your weapons! Or release all energy to deal even more damage.

Required level: 10

Absorptivity: 25% x Weapon damage taken

Damage multiplier: 30% x Absorbed damage

Blast damage: 100% x Absorbed damage

Website: http://evileye.eu.org/

Git repository: https://github.com/ibiruai/cstrike-superhero-server

Feel free to email me: evileye@fiaremail.cc

SuperHero Mod Sub-forum on Alliedmods.net (not affiliated with the server): https://forums.alliedmods.net/forumdisplay.php?f=30

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